Last week we ran a contest on Twitter and Facebook in order to giveaway a bunch of free tickets to our new search event Connect, taking place in Miami next week on 4-5 February.

Connect will bring together all the best and brightest of the search marketing industry to discuss how to thrive in the new customer-centric landscape, as well as have a big party on the beach.

Will you be lucky enough to join 500+ SEO specialists, digital marketers, webmasters, developers, business leaders and industry professionals for two days of sun, sea and search in Miami?

Let’s find out…

Between Tuesday and Friday last week we asked you to fill in the blank for a number of search-related statements. Below are the winning recipents of one free ticket to Connect and their replies…

Jason Bauman:

Amanda Dodge:

Matt Certo:

Anna Nerezova:

Megan Beatty:

Stuart Lieberman:

And over on Facebook we had the following winning replies…

Biggest SEO trend of 2016 will be ______

David Josephson: “Conversational search from mobile devices.”

If Google could do one thing to make my life easier it would be ______

Scott Cramer: “PROVIDE the (not provided) data on all reports.”

The key to a successful search optimised site is ______

Sarah Triplett: “UX! Google is continually focusing on delivering a better user experience through search via organic and paid, so it makes sense that this same experience should flow on to a website once a user clicks through.”

The future of search marketing success will be dependent on ______

Carmen Norgaard: “Adaptability to change, since change is the most predictable constant in SEO.”

Congratulations to all of our winners, we’ll be in contact soon and will see you in Miami next week!

If you weren’t chosen as one of our winners, then fear not. You can still attend! Just register for a ticket here.

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